Regulatory Attorneys, specializing in Telecommunications, Cable, Wireless, Electric and Water Law

The attorneys of Smith & Majcher have advised and assisted clients for well over 35 years concerning a broad array of regulatory, business and legislative issues.  The firm provides outstanding quality legal representation in a cost-effective manner.  Smith & Majcher has been recognized as a preeminent regulatory law firm, representing clients predominantly in Texas and the Southwest, but also throughout the country before regulatory agencies.  Smith & Majcher has a stellar reputation based on years of experience and involvement in the regulatory and legislative arenas.

Smith & Majcher’s attorneys’ legal careers have been dedicated primarily to the practice of public utility law, especially in the areas of telecommunications and electric regulation.  The Firm works in close partnership with its clients to resolve matters that arise from doing business in a regulated environment at the federal, state, and municipal level.  The Firm also strives to enhance its clients’ opportunities and minimize the obstacles found in the competitive telecommunications and electric markets.  These goals are achieved by effective and dedicated representation in negotiations and by strong and thorough advocacy before public agencies and courts.

On numerous occasions, Smith & Majcher has been selected to represent clients on designated issues that span multiple states.  For example, Smith & Majcher has represented a major wireless provider in negotiating 911 cost contracts in approximately 40 states.  Smith & Majcher has taken the lead in telecommunication interconnection agreement negotiations and arbitrations on common issues in multiple states, including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and others.  Smith & Majcher actively works with clients on a consulting basis to assure compliance with the Federal and State statutes and regulations, both from a regulatory and a business perspective.

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